Comparing Wordsmith And The Gold Mountain Coat

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In Wordsmith by Susan Young, and The Gold Mountain Coat by Judy Fong-bates showcase father’s who care deeply about their children. The relationships between the Father, and his children differ between both stories as in one the children “live” to serve their father while in the other it appears the Father “lives” to serve his children displaying the main difference they have in showing their affection. Both forms of affection contrast with each other leading to different effects on their children. Throughout both passages we witness the already established relationship between Father, and Son while also experiencing a slight evolution in their relations. The narrator in Wordsmith, is the son of the Father giving us an insight on their relationship through the son’s perspective. We learn that the Father is helping his son paint, and retouch his son’s house as he’s referred to as the “Pollyfilla King”, as his son watches him in “awe as he begins the arduous…show more content…
John, and Ken live to serve their Father at his restaurant cleaning up after closing in silent awaiting the approval of their Father if the day was a success indicated by an invitation of whisky at his desk. The Father creates an image of sternness around him, and pride creating an atmosphere of resentment between him, and his children as he seems unapproachable “He seemed quite agitated….. “I’m going to have to stand up to that old man. I carry all his money in my pocket.” “And I have to ask permission to spend it. “. Once John, and Ken confront their Father about buying a second jacket, and amping themselves up for this confrontation to their surprise he agrees as they appealed to nurturing, and love he has for family as he wouldn't want to see grandson, or son out in the cold without a

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