Clytemnestra And Medea Research Paper

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Clytemnestra and Medea- mother, strong women and loyal wives, nonetheless, get betrayed by their husbands. Betrayal from a loved one causes powerful emotions to arise, such as the need for revenge or simply, hurt and hopelessness. One way or another, the trust between husband and wife has been broken. In response to betrayal, Medea seeks revenge through manipulation, whereas, Clytemnestra seeks help by begging. Revenge, Medea’s ultimate goal and come back for Jason’s betrayal. Medea wasn’t ready to let Jason live happily with his new wife especially not after all the suffering and pain she had endeavored. Medea used her cleverness as an advantage to manipulate the people around her. At first Medea is portrayed as suffering, in agony and wishing…show more content…
After finding out about the “treacherous plot” (Euripides, line 1457) that involved the sacrifice of her daughter, Clytemnestra felt lost and humiliated. She couldn’t comprehend how her husband, Agamemnon, would betray her with a deceitful lie. Clytemnestra felt “horribly abused… crushed with shame… deceived [and] humiliated…” (Euripides, lines 846-851) toward Achilles and her husband. The audience can sense the hurt and hopelessness in her character by her screams and bewildered facial expressions. Despite her humiliation, Clytemnestra, similar to Medea, reacted quickly and sought help instead of revenge. The only thing on her mind was her daughter’s safety and nothing else. Therefore, Clytemnestra can be said to be maternal and genuinely caring when compared to Medea, since she had no ulterior motives to her actions. Falling to her knees, Clytemnestra lost all shame and humiliation and began begging Achilles to protect and defend them. (Cacoyannis) She yearned for someone to protect her daughter, since her husband was too much of a coward to do so. Although, Clytemnestra’s motives were for good, she manipulated Achilles and reminded him that his name was at stake as well. Achilles wouldn’t let his kleos get a negative reputation and in return helps them out. Clytemnestra obtained her protector and it was all for the love she had for her daughter. Unfortunately, her efforts weren’t enough but we can’t say she didn’t

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