Charlotte Perkins Gilman Essay: Inferior Women In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Inferior Women in The Yellow Wallpaper Have you had any friends or family experience a psychological issue? Have you yourself ever dealt with such a burden? Psychological issues and disorders are serious problems that affect the brain and a person’s sense of self. The most challenging thing to grasp about the concept is the fact that there is not always a definite “cure”. Many families can only sit and watch as their loved ones deal with their problems. Many different remedies and therapies have been put to use in the efforts of ending such burdens; however, not many worked. One of the most commonly used treatments in the 19th century was the rest cure. This cure was ineffective, and one American writer would expose this truth in her writing. In the 1892 short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “The Yellow Wallpaper”, the rest cure is debunked for its effectiveness through a series of diary entries. The narrator of the story shares her by sharing her experiences from her treatment. At the end of the story, the reader can conclude that the narrator did not benefit at…show more content…
Under no circumstances should they be taken lightly. Unfortunately, throughout history, this has not always been the mindset. Like previously stated, the 19th century and prior was in favor of males. They had always been superior to women. Thankfully through the course of history, these views have changed. Thanks in part to the women’s movements throughout the 20th century, women’s rights and powers have changed tremendously. This is good in many ways. The most important one being that both genders are given equal power and rights. This prevents incidents such as the one in “The Yellow Wallpaper” from occurring again. Concerning the issue about mental and psychological disorders, this is extremely crucial. The reality is, a human is a human, no matter size or gender. No one should with such an illness should be treated any

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