Cequirrel Monkey Taxonomy

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The subfamilies Cebidae and Atelidae are also considered New World Monkeys. Cebidae has two genera, the Saimiri and Cebus. Atelidae has nine genera with great variety of species. Cebidae composes of the Samiri (squirrel monkeys) and Cebus (capuchin monkeys) who both share similar genetics and feeding habit of frugivorous-insectivorous diet. These monkeys share a common hygiene habit with callitrichines where they urine wash. The squirrel monkey taxonomy is still in question, some argue there are seven species. The common squirrel monkey reside in the Amazon basin. The capuchin monkeys are all over the New World, unlike squirrel monkeys. However, both species live in a multi-male, multi-female polygamous community. Furthermore, Cebus are unique

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