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Harry Cause of World War II Why World War II had to begin? World War II is one of well-known war that has a large number of death. It is the biggest war as yet, and people can’t forget forever. A few complex causes readed to WW2. We must know some informations about WW2 because it was most imfrotant affair and still has a effect on nowadays. The biggest cause of WW2 is WW1. After the WW1 they still have the problem when WW1 can't sloved. WW1 also make new Economy problems and it become a cause of WW2 too. The Rise of Hitler become trigger of WW2. Hitler commended to invade the poland and it was the begin of WW2. We must know about WW2 not just as a one of history, you shoul accept as a serious problem. It is over now, but we have to prvent…show more content…
WW1 has begin by totalitarianism and stuck of domestic market. For the drastic increase of economy, they had too many products on democratic market. Strong countries started to sell their products in their colonies, but other emerging strong countries began to claim about it. That resulted in WW1. After the war, many new problems occurred, and they still got problems on their economic systems. Secondly, Economy recession arise from WW2 too. After the WW1 Unite States of America become very affluence but also it come from overload of economic. That makes world market collapse. The capitalism were still grow up but they couldn’t fllow the their grow. There were infleation breakdown at several countries. For the German, Treaty of Versailles make germen must pay annoumous Reparations for other countries. such as army and colony (Wikipedia). Lastly, the rise of Hitler brought about WW2 as well. He was prime mininister after WW1, president Hindenbrug appointed him as a priminister. After Hindenbrug’s dead Hitler replace the president and made people call him as a greralissimo(Wikipedia). Hitler leaded the nazi and obliterated countless jews to get support of his citizen. He was supported by German citizen. After that, he enter into a nonaffression treaty with the Societ Union and invaded poland with out declare of attack. That was the begin of

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