15th Amendment Pros And Cons

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Should Women Support or Oppose the 15th Amendment? 11/21/2014 Katelyn LaQuey Melvin Earnest History 1301 Katelyn LaQuey Melvin Earnest History 1301 23 November 2014 For many years people have grown to adapt to the Fifteenth Amendment and find it perfectly reasonable. Meanwhile, others find it not right. People today are far more accepting of it than men and women were of it back when it was being drafted. There are a few different versions of the Fifteen Amendment before the official one got ratified. Many women found the Fifteenth Amendment unruly because it still made women not equals like the constitution says, “all men are created equal” (Declaration of Independence). There were a handful of women who did find it right and support…show more content…
Instead women were meant to be seen but, never heard. Foster, was a special case though despite that she is one of the few who stood up for what they believe in. Foster, in fact was, “born into an ordinary Quaker family” (Worcester), in other words her family believed that Jesus would speak to them and when he did they had to spread the word. This is probably where she gets her fire and passion to be a speaker from. Coming from where she was raised this cannot be a normal thing that the people of this time see. Another, remarkable women happen to be the one and possibly only Frances D. Gage. She was very similar to other women that lived in Ohio. She however was grew up the opposite of Foster due to the fact that Ohio held, “several women’s conferences” (Ohio) during this era. Like Foster, Gage was a strong believer of abolishment of slavery in the states. People believe that this was normal behavior for a man to do because Ohio is a northern state and the north believed in freeing the slaves for the general response. Yet Foster and Gage are both women and women in general are not really allowed to speak unless spoken

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