The Lost Boys And Twilight Comparison

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Throughout history, ranging from the times of ancient civilization, all the way to modern day society, vampires have been a major part of our mythical culture. The legend of blood sucking creatures of the night has always been one of mass popularity, making it also one subjected to the most change. Two examples to prove this statement valid are the films The Lost Boys and Twilight. To compare the two immensely popular movies, both have plots involving teenage vampires and their lifestyles. However, they differ in their age and overall story-line. The characteristics of the two kinds of vampires contrast as well, such as in their appearances, powers, and weaknesses. Beginning with the plot descriptions, The Lost Boys was released in 1987 and is the story of two brothers who move to a vampire infested town in California. There, the younger of the two befriends a group of vampire hunters, while the elder begins the process of becoming an actual vampire. While this film has some romantic undertones, the central focus is bringing down the main antagonists with immense amounts of action and humor. This is quite the opposite of Twilight from 2008, where the majority of the film is centered around the development of a romantic relationship between the two main…show more content…
Appearance wise, the vampires from The Lost Boys have more conventional characteristics, dating back to older vampire descriptions. For instance, they almost look like ordinary people, aside from having slightly paler complexions, retractable fangs, and lack reflections in mirrors. On the other hand, Twilight vampires become enhanced after turning, making them almost inhumanely beautiful. They are also translucently pale, their teeth are normal shaped, and when they step into the sunlight, their skin shimmers like

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