Brom Bones Character Analysis

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I want to compare and contrast courtships strategies of Irving's characters, Ichabod Crane and Brom Bones, with Longfellow's characters, Miles Standish and John Alden. My purpose to explain why one's strategy is superior than the others and why one is more likely to win the lady in the book. To accomplish my purpose, I will describe the appearance between all of the gentleman and the two ladies, also possibly why one strategy worked finer than the others. Even though all the men were in love, one of the two men in the two stories had a improved strategy than the other man and in the end it led him to win the lady. Miles Standish was a ample and fit man, that was also extremely brave, as was his friend, although he was a scholar unlike Miles…show more content…
Sounds like a crane to us.” (Shmoop Editorial Team) Unlike Miles he wasn't handsome, he was tall, skinny, dark, and not very handsome. Ichabod is very greedy, so greedy in fact, that he imagined that he was eating all the animals at a party he went to. Very much unlike Miles, Ichabod was no where near being a hero. A similarity between the both is that the two don't win the girl, except Ichabod most likely died, while Miles survived an Indian's poisoned arrow, than proceeded to give his friend, Alden, and the girl they fought over, Priscilla, a blessing at their wedding. Miles could of proposed himself and he would of probably won the marriage, Ichabod could of gotten rid of his greed and start to take care of his appearance and start liking woman more than food and richness. Katrina is a daughter of A rich Dutch Farmer, she is extremely flirty and rich, that is really all there is to her personality. Priscilla more than likely liked men who could handle themselves and could be there on the fact that she was angry that Miles didn't propose himself. Katrina most likely liked strong, men that could also could help themselves and also maybe rich and famous people. Ichabod and Miles…show more content…
Ichabod's strategy was pretty abominable, in fact, I almost feel he didn't have one, he was very greedy, disgusting, and just boring, however Brom I feel had a somewhat great strategy, he already was a rough and tough man, he was very good at riding horses and had quite a lot of friends. In the courtship of Miles Standish, Miles is a tough lieutenant that honestly didn't like Priscilla as much as his friend Alden, Alden was a pleasant Scholar and was also tough, he was always with Priscilla and unlike Miles he proposed by not sending a man for something that is his business and not another man. My ideal courtship is a person's girlfriend, or whatever you want to call the name of the “love” between the two people, and you to be in love, not for social status or just because you just met and all of a sudden want to marry, because you are in “love”. Ideal courtship would be more close to dating and going to movies and just hanging out, maybe playing games, merely because of these activities and time spent together, people actually can fall in “love” and maybe will lead to a marriage. Ichabod's courtship was for the reason Katrina having money from her rich father and most certainly not for “love”, Brom actually loved her, maybe he wanted to be a bit richer, mostly loved her. Miles might of loved Priscilla, although he apparently didn't

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