Brine Shrimp Research Paper

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The brine shrimp, Artemia, belongs to the phylum Arthropoda and is one of the many types of species that are located in a hypersaline ecosystem (Brine Shrimp and Ecology of Great Salt Lake). These lakes or other inland salt bodies of water usually have a salt concentration that can be anywhere between 2.9-25% (Emslie, Sara). The Great Salt Lake located in Utah, is a great example of an ecosystem that houses brine shrimp. The populations in these stable environments generally reproduce throughout the year through the production of ovoviviparous eggs that hatch immediately into nauplii (Lenz & Dana, 1987; Wear & Haslett, 1987). However, these cysts or unhatched brine shrimp have a very specific way of surviving. In the right conditions these

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