Boston Pizza Mission Statement

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Boston Pizza was founded in 1964 in Edmonton , Alberta. Its ‘mission is to deliver outstanding food value, quality and work closely with partners. Their growth strategy is built on steady, carefully managed expansion and a commitment to develop the Boston Pizza brand. Boston pizza offers both services and products which is translated in their exceptional customer service and their wide variety of gourmet Italian dishes and desserts. Despite the decline in the full-service restaurant sector (1.9%) , with the increase in consumer confidence, consumers have a more positive outlook regarding their financial situation and therefore a positive advantage for Boston Pizza. Boston pizza has always been keen on demonstrating a high standard of positive…show more content…
Consumers would then be eating more at home to save the costs of eating out, which would adversely affect profits for the restaurants industry and its expansion. MISSION STATEMENT & CORE VALUES According to Boston Pizza’s website their mission statement is: “To be a world class franchisor through selecting and training people to profitably manage an outstanding food service business. To achieve this goal we are innovative and responsive in our approach in business. We work as a team providing attention to detail but never losing sight of the larger picture. We recognize the need to provide leadership in all areas of operations, marketing and restaurant development.” Boston Pizza’s core values have been demonstrated in their simple statement since 1964 which is: “Think like a customer, deliver outstanding food and quality and work closely with your partners”. Boston pizza has demonstrated a high standard of positive ethical behavior and social responsibility. The Boston Pizza Foundation, which was established in 1990, has donated more than $20.6 CAD million for the well-being of Canadian children and families.They have many programs supporting school lunch in schools such as Victoria

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