Black Plague Dbq Analysis

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Black Plague Death! Death is everywhere bodies dropping everywhere! A total of 51,160,000 people dead in a matter of three years. The plague spread so quickly because those infected were traders, sailors, etc. It was incredibly easy to catch the plague mainly because of the sanitation. As stated in Doc B “In medieval Paris, France several streets were named poop.” Also the sanitation was so bad that homeowners would have to shout “look out below” before the house residents would dump out their waste across the streets. People also refused to keep themselves clean. As stated in Doc E “In Medieval Europe the average person changed their clothing and took a bath about twice a year. Just knowing this we can see that the effects of the black plague were many. When the Black Death hit people turned to their faiths for salvation, but slowly but surely people lost their faith because no results were showing themselves. People started believing God…show more content…
People believed that there was a “bad air “and to heal themselves they must inhale more “bad air” as stated in Doc K. Those bad airs included smelling other people’s poop fumes and carrying around a rotten apple that works in a way a mask cover does. Now that the plague is over we see that because of poor hygiene infested rats came and infected people with their fleas. Some of the other affects off the black plague were surely death as stated in Doc F “Almost immediately people began to fall ill, and they fell ill in ways no one has ever seen before. First, a sort of boil the size of lentil erupted on the thigh or arm, then the victims violently coughed up blood, and after three days of nonstop vomiting for which there was no cure they died…and with them not only everyone who talked to them, but also anyone who touched or laid their hands on their belongings” said Friar

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