Percula Clown Fish

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Percula Clown Fish The Percula clown fish is more commonly know as the clown fish. It is one of the most recognizable fish in the ocean due to its distinctive orange color with three white stripes. Clown fish live in shallow coastal waters near coral reefs. The most common places where they are found are the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, and Western Pacific. The clown fish is a carnivore, which feeds on smaller fish. They live in groups called schools for protection against predators and it also makes it easier to find mates. It is a relatively small fish, measuring on average 11cm,while females are a slightly bigger measuring up to 13 cm. Clown fish are all born male but can make an irreversible switch to become females in order to become the dominant female in a group. One of the most unique features of this fish is that it is immune to the…show more content…
It will also feed on plankton, parasites and dead anemone tentacles. Clown fish are hermaphrodites meaning they can be both sexes. They are all born males however, they can become females if they become the dominant female in the group. If the dominant female dies, the dominant male will become a female and select one of the non-mating males to become the mating male. The females lay eggs year near the anemone during the full moon. ]. When the eggs hatch, about seven days later, they float to the surface. Once they grow, they descend and find an anemone to live with and become a non-mating male. The clown fish has a mutualism relationship with the anemone, which serves as protection and food for the clown fish. The clown fish never goes too far away from the anemone so it can always return to the anemone for protection. The clown fish’s orange color also scares away predators because the color warns other fish to stay away. If any predator gets near it or the anemone, it? Who? The fish or the anemone? will charge at

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