Beowulf Modern Day Analysis

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Beowulf And The Anglo-Saxon Belief In Modern Day Have you ever read a book about a favorite hero, and wonder how they and their legion came to be? In the case of Beowulf and Anglo-Saxon literature is the beginning of all hero tails. The tails of Beowulf would be the leading guide for all Anglo Saxon culture to strive to live their life by the heroic tails of Beowulf. The story of Beowulf and the Anglo-Saxon shows characteristics of heroes in modern day a stories and movies. Despite being composed in the Anglo-Saxon era, Beowulf continues to captivate modern audiences. People in modern day who read Beowulf are most likely not be able to find the resemblances between the poem Beowulf, and Angelo-Saxon culture. The Angelo-Saxon ligature and the epic poem of Beowulf have similar differences and simulations like the warrior culture, the protection of people and country along with a strong military system. Beowulf and the Angel-Saxon were known for defending and coming to the aid of countries that were not able to protect or defend themselves. An example of this would be the mentality in Beowulf, when he goes to the aid of the kingdom of Hrothgar’s. In the poem Beowulf, the writer gave the reader the idea that every…show more content…
You are able to see this in the stories of King Herot and the tails of the horrific monsters prowling with in the deps of earth. With this heroic poem of Beowulf it has been passed down verbally form one generations to the next. The poem was talked about in oral gatherings and meetings. The Anglo Saxon culture used Beowulf to convey what it is to have accomplish glory in life before death. Both the Anglo Saxon and Beowulf had a set of principles to becoming a hero, one must past certain test, one must be mental strong, be physical fit and be a spiritual person. “"I have never seen a mightier warrior on earth than is one of you, a man in battle-dress"

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