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There is not a single person on the Earth that comes close to being as inspirational, nurturing, or warmhearted as Becky Adderholdt. My grandmother has seen the world and all of its people. She has been through trials and tribulations of ten people in one lifetime. The stories she has told me have molded me into the person I am today. From her legends of far-away places to her tales of down-home struggles and soirees, Becky Adderholdt never fails to seize my heart. Growing up, my grandmother was the oldest girl out of seven siblings. She has hundreds of stories about things that I cannot imagine happening today. One of my favorite stories she has told me was about the time she went on a date in high school, and her date took her into a…show more content…
She never went to college, but she did own and operate a multi-million dollar business. She watched siblings, aunts, uncles, and even her husband succumb to cancer, but she did raise three amazing daughters and seven beautiful grandchildren. To say this woman is strong is an understatement, she is unbreakable; she learned from her hardships and took them in stride. In November of 1993, her first grandchild was born and Becky would be renamed. It was the beginning of the era of Mammy. Eventually all of the grandchildren were born and we all learned to call our grandmother Mammy. People always think that Mammy is a strange name to call a grandmother, but it suits her very well. She may be seventy years old, but she is twenty-five at heart. You meet people in your lifetime that know how to have a good time, and Mammy is one of them. Every year, my entire family (which consists of about forty people) takes a beach trip to Ocean Isle, North Carolina. My great uncle Steve, Mammy’s brother, rents a triplex for our mass of people and we spend a week enjoying the company of our relatives. We spend long nights eating, dancing, and partying and through it all, Mammy is the life of the party. These are the times we hear her stories, tears of laughter and sadness roll down our cheeks, depending on which articulate anecdote she is sharing with

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