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The Battle of the Atlantic is said to have been the longest and most important military campaign of the Second World War. For more than five years its fighting grounds spanned from the cold waters of the Baltic sea, down to the West coast of France all the way across the Atlantic over to Canada, the United States and the Caribbean. This historical investigation will examine the following question: “How successful was the Battle of the Atlantic for Germany and what impact did the u-boats have during the five stages of the Battle?” In order to fully answer this question and to be able to evaluate the success of the Battle for Germany and what impact the u-boats had the following topics will be investigated: Canada and Germany’s Navies German…show more content…
As all of the u-boats would attack at once, the allies would be engulfed in chaos, resulting in them losing control of the situation This was when the submarines would begin their torpedo runs “One of the most famous Wolf Pack attacks took place between the nights of October 16th to the 19th, 1940. Convoy SC7 was repeatedly attacked by a pack of seven boats, sinking 20 ships out of 34 in the convoy. The very next night, convoy HX79 was attacked with further losses of 14 ships, making a total of 34 ships in 48 hours.These attacks mounted against the two convoys became to be known as “The Night of the Long

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