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I would not have thought that talking about Batik will be end up to the realm of spiritual understanding that many contained in Javanese Batik motifs that have long existed in the cultural life of civilization in Indonesia. Creative Director Iwan Tirta, one of the big names in the Indonesia fashion industry, particularly in Batik, Ms. Era Soekamto spoke to Herdiana Surachman about Batik and the importance of maintaining the handmade creations in this modern era. Starting her career as a fashion designer in 1997, Ms. Era Soekamto first appeared as a winner of the Asian Young Designer Contest. She was heavily involved in the movement of history and culture in her career, after Mr. Iwan Tirta died in 2010, the label Iwan Tirta appointed Ms. Era…show more content…
This could be happened because the Indonesian ancestors perpetuate the history not only through writing on palm leaves alone, but through Batik motifs, Ms. Era call also with sacred art which inspired many of the sacred geometry that is stored behind a lot of the concept of God and the universe. The several well known geometric motifs, such as; Jlamprang (Nitik), Parang Kusumo, Mega Mendung, Kawung, Lereng has always been accompanies the journey of Indonesia’s Javanese life. Batik itself is actually a technique to make dots on cloth, but behind it all, doing Batik is not an easy thing to practice, "Batik is an active meditation" said Ms. Era, it takes patience and focus on it. With the 11,000 motifs at Iwan Tirta’s library until today, 600 craftsmen who shelter under the name of Iwan Tirta through directions of Ms. Era, care for and preserve these motifs in a masterpiece of national…show more content…
A mix of vision, mission and history with the hereditary craftsmen who inherited the ability of Batik technique, not only through standard techniques that can be learned, but the essence of taste is closely related to spirituality, Batik is indeed a legacy, the way of life. For Ms. Era Soekamto, Batik serves as a mission in order to inspire the world through the history and meanings within, as well as for the nation's next generation in order to know the real identity of the nation. Although most people do not explicitly know that each motif has a history behind its existence, it takes a lot of dedication to absorb knowledge about spiritual concepts associated with Batik and its story. And behind the heavy concept, its vision, and all, in Indonesia alone, Batik is celebrated every Friday as the day of Batik, you will see a lot of people will be wearing Batik to go to school or to the office, both native and expatriate. The scenery is quite interesting every Friday, though still a long way to understand the story behind every motive, Batik will continue to color the cultured life for the people of Indonesia, anytime and

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