Chilean Earthquake Research Paper

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Natural disasters have always affected man-kind since the prehistoric times. These disasters lead to destruction of cities, millions of death, injuries and disease outbreaks. Therefore, it is very important to take protective action to overcome natural disasters. Generally speaking, more economically developed countries require less international aid and have the capability to overcome disasters, whereas less economically developed countries require much international aid for the country to come back to its original state. The example of this is the Chilean Earthquake 2010 and the Haiti earthquake 2010. The Chilean earthquake occurred on February 27th, 2010, near the cost of South-central Chile. It had the magnitude of 8.8 which is enough power to bent steel railroads, and collapse bridges. Earthquakes with magnitude over 8 are known to be catastrophic and are the last level on the Richter scale. The Chilean earthquake caused great damage to the surrounding area and created a tsunami which devastated nearby coastal towns such as Concepcion and Chillan. The wave traveled to other countries through the Pacific Ocean, therefore Cities in Hawaii, New Zealand and 50 other countries were warned to move to higher land. About 500 people died, and Chile suffered 30 billion US$ worth of damage in this earthquake. In Haiti 2010, an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.0 occurred on 12th of January. Before the earthquake, Haiti was already in bad conditions. More than 70% of the people lived with less than 2…show more content…
However, the Chilean government carried out disaster aids and immediate response to the citizens whereas Haiti waited for international aids to save them. Based on the effectiveness of immediate response, recovery, and future preparation plan, Chile did a better job of overcoming the disaster and Haiti in which about 500 people are still affected by the 2010

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