Art Review: The Haywain By John Constable

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The Haywain by John Constable was created in 1821 in the 19th century. This painting has multiple elements and principle work together to create a wonderful masterpiece. In this composition on the right side of the painting it looks peaceful. On the other side of the painting it looks crowded and dark. This doesn't give the peaceful feeling like the right side does. This composition is 2D it is not 3D. It is 2D because it is not a sculpture or something you can touch and see it from all sides. It is 2D so you can only touch it and this is called visual texture. This composition is taken place on a landscape. As you can tell it is not still life. This composition is full of life.You can tell by the dog and the two hard working people in the water on top of a wagon. John Constable used perspective in his painting.The house and the trees are a good example of perspective. John Constable used perspective to create the illusion of 3D images and spatial relationships on a 2D surface.This is linear perspective.…show more content…
That would be in the middle ground where the trees are at. There are parallel lines in the chimney of the roof of the house. It also has diagonal lines on the roof and those line meat. The trees in the middle ground overlap the clouds in the sky. The house also overlaps the trees in the middle ground. There is some shading in the clouds on the left side of the painting. There are no analogous colors but there is complimentary. There is complimentary colors because the green trees are next to the red house and those colors are opposite from the color wheel. There are cool colors because there is green in the trees, grass, and reflection on the water. There are also blue in the sky,and in the

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