Art Analysis: The Alba Madonna

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The Alba Madonna In the painting The Alba Madonna everything is clearly and beautifully painted. The whole globe and the universe is captured perfectly by the painter. On top of the painting is the mostly clear azure sky with very few clouds appearing. The pastoral physical realm is used as the setting with mountains and Green fields. The Alba Madonna was commissioned by Paolo Giovio, an Italian historian and physician, was planned for a church in Nocera dei Pagani in the town of Monte Albino, Italy. The painting was completed in 1510 by Italian High Renaissance painter Raphael. The colors in Raphael's Madonna establish a mainly cool dominance while the bright pink in the Madonna's dress gives a touch of warmth to the painting representing…show more content…
They also adopted the same philosophy to 'adopt the bible into the mother tongue'. They also took great care to detail, realism, and naturalism which is reflected in the crisp and fresh images of this painting. This can be seen in the ornate detail of the Virgin’s clothing, the tapestry on the wall, and also the attention taken to the detail of the landscape in the background. Also, hard to see are the tiny carvings of Adam and Eve on Mary’s seat. Also giving the subtle regard to Jesus being the second Adam. This painting shows the expressions, postures, and gestures of the people are very evident. Rogier Van der Weyden's painting represents the typical examples from the 15th…show more content…
The warmth in the color dominance is conveying the feeling of motherly love with rich, warm colorized tones and serene expressions. Saint Luke's robe is the color crimson. Crimson signifies worship to God. As the Blessed Virgin sits with Jesus, she looks as if she is about to breastfeed the babe. They both sit together as Saint Luke draws the portrait, while the couple in the back looks upon the town. There are a total of five people in the piece. The number five in biblical aspects signifies God's grace, mercy, and favor toward humans. The emphasis of the painting is located on the luminous skinned Virgin and Child. The setting of the painting is in the modern era (15th century Flanders) that it was done. With doing so I believe this reassessed the message that God is ever present, in every time. The artist heavily embedded the painting with biblical

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