Analysis Of The Poem 'For Heidi With Blue Hair'

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‘For Heidi with blue hair’ rebellion was one of the main and most important themes introduced. In the second stanza; the hyperbole “Forbidden” is almost in a biblical tone; like rules, commandments and regulations. The use of “Forbidden” almost makes her seem like she has committed a crime; it is over exaggerated. It suggests that there is no going back once an action has been made. Throughout the first half of the poem, Heidi is shown as a very rebellious character. “Ultramarine” is a very strong adjective used by the poet to describe her hair. The idea of Heidi dying her hair “Ultramarine” would obviously been rejected by her school. This goes back to the main objective of why she might have dyed her hair; due to grieving that she has lost her mother she may have felt that she needed something to hold…show more content…
“We checked the rules.. and anyways dad, it cost twenty-five dollars”. This phrase related back to “Ultramarine”, it shows Heidi’s determination to get what she wants and desires. And despite she is sent home she feels no guilt what so ever, this represents her as being stubborn but she still stands up herself. The diction ‘anyway’ shows that she couldn’t care less what she is though off, and reinforces that she has the ability to outlook the high authority; in this case it’s the head master and teachers. “Clipped sides with a crest” uses alliteration and sensory language. It hints an idea of a tight, cutting sound and suggests uniformity and regulation, which contrasts with the original theme, rebellion. Throughout the poem, Enjambment is used to create a consistent flow, therefore making it seem conversational and like a narrative. Throughout the poem there was no rhythm, therefore reinforcing the unconventional style, and highlighting the idea of rebellion and individuality. The loose structure emphasizes the perception of rebellion. A Lexical set is created in stanza two; this is when the list of reasons is

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