Acai Blueberry Research Paper

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Acai Berry Like a combination of a blueberry and a grape, the acai berry is a small inch-long, rosy purple berry comprising of a group of seeds, with just around 15 percent being palatable. Acai berries are collected from tall, slim acai palm trees located near the Amazon River basin and other parts of Central and South America. Acai berries are additionally very perishable, yet can have huge wholesome properties. Acai berries are known for their treatment of hemorrhages, diarrhea, different types of contaminations, and a variety of different ulcers. As a sustenance, the pulp of the acai berry is frequently mixed together with the vegetables root and eaten as a mixture. How it tastes is regularly portrayed as a mixture of wild berries and sweets. You can find acai berries in grocery stores, wellbeing sustenance stores, and many small markets. Most of the time you will find it as a juice or tea as opposed to the solid berry.…show more content…
Acai berries are used in food dyes, many hair products, and in a significant amount of food supplements. There are a ton of ads out there who have built up the acai berry to be some sort of “super-fruit”, claiming extravagant weight loss results if you consume them. The Federal Trade Commission asked for a ban on websites marketing acai berries as a weight loss product. Obviously consuming fruits and berries are an important role in being healthy. But the claims that acai berries alone can shed tons of extra weight is to be

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