Why Do We Lie

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1. Lying requires a lot of mental effort. We make the same decision hundreds of times each day: do we lie or do we tell the truth? It occurs with virtually no thought and we’re all guilty of ignoring the impact of these “apparent” inconsequential little “white” lies. Even the smallest lie will impact your life by jeopardizing relationships, costing you money, creating health issues and affecting your credibility. Being honest on the other hand, offers almost no negative effects. 2. Watching a heart-wrenching movie causes people to think deeper. Wonder why "Titanic" became one of the biggest box-office successes of all time? It wasn’t the special effects, the plot or even the acting. It wasn’t even the “love story” aspect as many would guess.…show more content…
Getting in a fight may not be as appealing as being intimate with your wife or eating your favorite food, but research says acting aggressively is just as rewarding for your brain as sex and splurging on your favorite food. The brain processes aggression in the same manner as sex, and, as a result, produces dopamine. 4. People who think they are being watched will generally behave better. One working theory suggests the presence of “others” encourages us to do the “right” thing in order to gain “social” acceptance and approval. Another theory postulates the presence of “others”, distracts us from the task at hand and diverts our attention away from thinking within character. 5. Mowing your lawn can enhance your happiness. Australian researchers believe that when grass is cut, it discharges chemicals that make you feel happy and tranquil. The same researchers even go so far as to hypothesize, it may even help to prevent the mental decline of getting…show more content…
The truth is: calorie menus in restaurants don’t lead to “LESS” healthy decisions, it/they simply don’t lead to “better” decisions. 12. People seldom notice what’s right in front of them. Here’s an anecdotal explanation I like to use because it involves people who are paid to notice. Twenty-four radiologists were asked to examine lung scans and search for nodules, which are potentially indicative of cancer. They examined five scans with an average of ten nodules on each. On the last scan was an image of a gorilla, 48 times larger than the included nodules and clearly a gorilla. Despite its obvious presence, 20 of 24 radiologists didn’t report seeing the gorilla. 13. People need only one thing to be happy. I received countless replies and comments about this single statement. I have primarily rewritten all my answers so that I could elucidate on what the “one thing” might be. In essence Curly (City Slickers) was right, but his answer didn’t seem to satisfy many people. Here is my answer in the shortest and most concise way I can put

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