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Reo Aono Mr.Brandwood G Block Class In class: Nature vs. Nurture Essay The Other Wes Moore, a story written by Wes Moore himself, depicts of how the lives of the two protagonists with the same name “Wes Moore”, was being affected by society and the social environment throughout their development. Specifically, focusing on the other Wes Moore, the unfulfilled necessity of nurture within an impoverished environment illustrates the controversial theme of nature vs. nurture. In fact, due to the lack of nurture and support from the social environment, it had led the other Wes Moore to make poor life choices. Especially, the family and the “street” lifestyle had a significant effect on the other Wes Moore. Born and raised in Baltimore, the other Wes Moore did not live in a providential environment. With a single mother who was not educated well and an alcoholic father who depended his living on his mother, Wes’s childhood was a lack of nurture. In fact, even though the other Wes Moore’s mother was very supportive of him and makes an effort to keep him away from adversity, she eventually ceases to the outcomes. It is also conspicuous that the father did not have any knowledge about the other Wes Moore. The father’s uncaring nature is evident through the incident where the other Wes Moore visits his grandmother. “He saw Wes standing over him. Still squinting, he looked his son in the eyes and asked, “who are you?”…. “Wes nodded at Tony, and then…show more content…
nurture by delineating the lives of the two protagonists with the same name, showed the importance of “nurture” and how it affects the development of one’s ideals and morality. Especially, throughout the depiction of the other Wes Moore, the effect the lack of nurture has towards future life choices is being shown. In other words, the inadequacy of an exemplar in both his family and the detrimental environment had led the other Wes Moore into a life in

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