Warner's Use Of Repetition In Azrael

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Recently, I have read a poem called Azrael by Sylvia Townsend Warner. Out of all the poems I have read, this one was the one that had drawn me in. I have chosen it as I have thought that the piece flowed really well. Truthfully, I could not decipher what the author was trying to convey at first, so I decided to do some research of my own. Turns out, Azrael was widely recognized as the Archangel of Death and was one of God’s helpers. He was known to help dying people make the transition from Earth to Afterlife and assures people who are grieving for their lost loved ones. Intrigued, I also looked up the author and found out that the time when she wrote the poem was also during the years after the death of her partner, whom she had been a relationship…show more content…
Repetition is usually used to emphasize the central aspect of the poem. In this poem, ‘Who’ was applied by the poet to emphasize the character being described, which in this case is Azrael. The use of repetition was discrete, but notable - she slowly describes the character by each stanza until its revelation on the last paragraph - which I found quite effective. The use of personification was also noticeable in the first stanza, in which the narrator describes Azrael by giving it human qualities. Personification is usually used as a method to express something in order for readers to understand. In the case of this poem, personification was used by the poet to describe the mourning for a loved one who has passed away. An example that provided this was, “Waters the geraniums on the window-ledge” and the use of personal pronouns (eg; . Throughout the poem, Sylvia has used specific words to give Azrael doing things that humans would usually do, or in this case her past partner. Sylvia had done this purposely for readers to easily understand the flashbacks that she used to get after her partner's…show more content…
I applaud Sylvia for sharing this poem to the public as it takes the readers to see her perspective, to see what she had seen and to feel what she had felt during that time of grief. This causes readers to be put into her shoes, especially the parts of when she used “I”. Readers who can relate, may also use this poem to help them move on. Poems are pieces of writing that is used to convey experiences, feelings or an idea. Poets usually have a play on with words to confuse the reader’s mind either by having absence of punctuation or unusual sentence structures. They use metaphors, similes, and other language features in order to create an image inside the reader’s brain. Diction also plays a big part when it comes to poetry, to evoke specific emotions out of the readers. As poems are mostly short, it is quite limiting for people to understand it right away, so you have to read it aloud, and a few more times in your head for it to finally

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