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The third largest constellation in the sky, and whom's brightest stars form the Big Dipper, is the Ursa Major. In Latin, the name Ursa Major, means either, "The Great Bear" or "The Larger Bear". Ursa Major is associated with many Greek myths as well as extremely popular in most cultures. A famous Greek astronomer, named Ptolemy, cataloged this constellation as well as many others in the 2nd century. There are many creation myths about the constellation Ursa Major, The most popular myth is taken from Greek Mythology, whereas Callisto had vowed her chastity to the Greek goddess Artemis and later the goddess had found that she had broken her vow thanks to Artemis's promiscuous father, Zeus. She banished Callisto but Zeus's wife decided that wasn't enough punishment, and had Callisto turned into a bear to wander the wilderness for fifteen years, when she finally came across her son who was hunting at the time. Zeus, afraid for the worst, and sending both to the heavens, transformed both mother and child; Callisto turning into the constellation Ursa Major, and her son, Arcas into the constellation Boöts, the herdsman, or Ursa Minor.…show more content…
She didn't love the old terrible king, and nor he loved her, but he demanded her to bare child. Though, try as she might, she couldn't bare his children. Each night she'd drink a potion that one of her handmaidens had specifically made for her, to make sure she couldn't have a child, one night one of her maids had whispered to her, rumors about the king sending her away, though she was thrilled she was terrified and though she didn't care for the king, she loved her new

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