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David K. Shipler. The Working Poor: Invisible In America. 2004. United States of America: Random house, 2005. In this book, The Working Poor: Invisible In America, David K. Shipler chose to provides significant experiences of the view that the poor are holding by an opponent society. For instance, real need would be the most influential way to address such imbalances. David K. Shipler also provided features of the working poor facing sheds when trying to get services form the society. The Working Poor: Invisible In America. reinforces “working harder” is rarely the solution to poverty, and those who succeeded in middle or upper classes have attained the top not only because of initiative but also some accidental mergence of birth, education,…show more content…
As the people in these pages show, working poverty is a constellation of difficulties that magnify one another: not just low wages but also low education, not just dead-end jobs but also limited abilities, not just insufficient savings but also unwise spending, not just poor housing but also poor parenting, not just the lack of health insurance but also the lack of healthy households. (285) David K. Shipler here attempts to show the commonly made mistakes which harmed the people most. People who are in a more abundant position of the society have more power to access services for the mitigation of society illness than the poor do. According to the functions of the nowadays society, the merit of capitalism is increasing. Destitution is a representative of irresponsible and unworthy of the output of society, while decadency and abundant are the profit of people's toil. As the ideology of Calvinist, the material status of mankind could be linked by ethics and gospel. Therefore, when the dilemma of the poor in our society has been raised up to the public lecture, discharge the victims of scarcity in a manner that a passer might discharge a needy by satirizing at the first reaction. The is the logic which faggots so much of the policy of society, and has its foundation in the sensibility and power in the highest…show more content…
As the english idiom “don't judge a book by its cover” which means "you shouldn't prejudge the worth or value of something, by its outward appearance alone”. David K. Shipler’s The Working Poor is quite bibliographical. It provides a huge amount of real-life experiences on the poor people who immigrated to America. Many of the cases are simply just brief talking about people who have never had the chances to be educated, yet most of them are doing everything right, but due to bad fortune, they were striving to make any advancement. Overall, The Working Poor: Invisible In America. is an outstanding read. David K. Shipler’s work on the real-life experiences of the working poor is tremendous. His correspondent work is penetrating, combining the real-life experience of low salary workers from a plurality of different situations and backgrounds to the wider events which have changed the life process of working people. Therefore, I personally think he deserves goodwill for making the dilemma of workers visibly. The Working Poor: Invisible In America. is definitely something worth reading to those who wish to get closer with workers’ everyday experience of capitalism’s intrinsic

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