The Wise Old Woman By Yoshiko Uchida Analysis

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In the folktale The Wise Old Woman by Yoshiko Uchida, Lord Higa sent out three impossible demands that included the village making 1,000 ropes of ash, getting a piece of thread from one side of a twisting log to the other side, and making a drum that sounds without being beaten. First of all, Lord Higa demands a box containing 1,000 ropes of ash. The townspeople thought it was impossible, but the son asked his mother to give him instructions to save the town. The old woman said to soak some rope in salt water and burn the rope to make the rope of ash. The old woman's son took the solution that his mother came up with, and told the young emperor, who was very grateful and rewarded the son with bags of gold. Secondly, Lord Higa once again, demanded

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