The Quest Of The Giant Compitius Book Summary

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The Quest of the Three Slayers of the Giant Compitius 1 The journey begins with Devin Byer, a lonely traveler from Hot Springs, AR, along with Troy his Siberian tiger. They are on their way to Louisiana to meet up the rest of his Trio, Bobby Ashley and Angela Arnaud. At the request of Queen Graves the Trio’s mission is to defeat Compitius I. Compitius I is the most feared and dreadful Giant of the Cajun Cave, who takes pleasure in destroying the small towns in the National Park Kingdom. Devin, a freshman at National Park College, with plans of becoming a P.E. coach was working on exceling in writing when he got the call from Queen Graves to go defeat the giant Compitius I. His favorite football team the Hogs have their first game on September 5, so he needs to get this quest done in a hurry. Devin’s first stop on the quest was in Louisiana at his friend Bobby’s house. Bobby, a bodybuilder that usually stays to himself in his quite house alone, heard of the quest Devin was on and wanted to join. Bobby’s first experience with Compitius I was when he was in college and Compitius destroyed the town. Then a few month later he destroyed what they had rebuilt. Bobby left…show more content…
As they snuck up on him he started to awake, Devin jumped on his back. Compitius I let out a terrifying roar that sent chills down Angela’s arms. Compitius threw Devin off of him and started to attack the Trio until Bobby yelled at him to stop! Compitius I wasn’t going to stop so Angela threw a rock at him and hit him in the head. He started crying asking her why she had hit him, Bobby started to explain that the Queen Graves had sent them to put a stop to his temper tantrums. Compitius I started crying harder saying that he just wanted to get everyone’s attention and that he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He explained that he was very clumsy and always tripped over his huge feet. Compitius I was lonely and just wanted some

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