Tennis Ball Synthesis Essay

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Aim: The problem this experiment that we are trying to solve is if a baseball, tennis ball, and lacrosse ball would roll faster with a speedometer down a ramp. Background Research: The ball’s characteristics are a rubber or cork in the middle, wrapped in yarn, and covered, with two strips of white horsehide or cowhide, stitched together. It is 9.00–9.25 inches in circumference, and masses from 5.00 to 5.25 ounces. The yarn used to wrap the baseball can be up to one mile in length. A notable feature of the baseball is the stitching that brings together the covering of the ball. After a ball has been pitched, these stitches act like wings on a plane, catching the wind and causing the ball to swerve slightly on its way to the catcher. Whether the ball swerves to the right, to the left, downward, and whether it swerves sharply or gradually, depends on which…show more content…
For the baseball, it went from 26 to 17 KPH. For the lacrosse ball, it went from 24 to 19 KPH. For the tennis ball, it went from 22 to 16 KPH. But, after all, the hypothesis was correct because the baseball had the highest average. The only one major error and that was the radar gun did not work multiple times when it was called for. Sometimes it would work but most times we got it to work two out of five times. After the project was over, it had come to my attention that the radar gun might have not worked as great because the balls were on the ground. Next time you could use a more reliable radar gun or try a different surface. The results varied in many different ways. I expect the pattern would not continue because the variation of the data in these first five results. If you wanted to change up this experiment a little, you could convert the KPH to MPH. A future experiment could possibly include different balls and/or a different surface. The tentative hypothesis for a new experiment would probably the same as this

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