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The individual that we have here today is Sweeney Todd, also known as The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. His birth name is Benjamin Barker. He was born on October thirty first, nineteen seventy four in London, England. His zodiac sign is scorpio, because he was born between October twenty third and November twenty first. He stands at five foot ten and weighs one hundred and fifty seven pounds. Sweeney Todd has brown eyes and brown hair with a white streak in it. He wears black ties or scarves with black dress shoes, fingerless gray gloves, and a brown belt with a brown razor case attached. Sweeney is short tempered, aggressive, angry, grumpy, and depressing. He is a widower that is currently in a relationship with Eleanor Lovett, who is a specialist…show more content…
He seeks revenge on Judge Turpin for abusing and raping Lucy. Barker does this by killing him and his accomplice Beadle Bamford with one of his many razors. Sweeney Todd’s ideal working environment would be in a barber shop. When he returned to London, he met Mrs. Lovett. She runs the meat pie shop below his old barber shop. Todd reopens his barber shop, which initiated a rampage against those who wronged him. Todd’s favorite part of his job is when he gets to slit the throats of those who made him suffer and lose his beloved family. The bodies of his victims are then turned into meat pies by Mrs. Lovett, who is his new accomplice. Sweeney Todd trusted Mrs. Lovett, because she knew information about his family. Mrs. Lovett told him that his wife Lucy had been raped by Turpin, and that she had poisoned herself. His daughter Johanna is Turpin’s ward, and was also being abused by Turpin. What infuriated Sweeney Todd the most was that Mrs. Lovett had lied to him from the beginning. He had begun seeking revenge, because he thought his wife poisoned herself to get away from the abuse of Turpin. Mrs. Lovett told Sweeney Todd that she never said she died, just that she poisoned herself. She confesses that she loved him and that she would be better for

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