Self-Made In The Great Gatsby

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James Dellaportas #7 Williams Period: 6/8 28 October 2015 Gatsby’s achievement One of the most debated questions in this country is, whether it is better being raised into wealth or being self-made? This question is a no brainer when it comes down to achieving the American dream. Self-made individuals such as Gatsby are much more initialed to the American dream then individuals such as Tom being raised into his fortune. Also finding true love is a must to achieve the American dream. Gatsby and Daisy fall in love after not seeing each other due to Gatsby being gone for the war, but the only thing in the way is Daisy’s abusive husband, Tom. C Some critics and readers might believe that the Great Gatsby does not fulfill the American dream, R…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald made many motifs, mostly connecting with the American dream. In the novel wealth is a significant motif that occurs countless times. Nick tells the readers in the novel how he has a large family that has been respected for multiple generations located in the Midwest. Nick then tells Gatsby “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. Whenever you feel like criticizing any one, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had”(Fitzgerald 3). Nick did not achieve the so called American dream due to his lack of making money, his grandparents did. This shows that Fitzgerald complimented the American dream many ways including small details relating to the American dream. A different motif used in the Great Gatsby that connects to American Dream well is the eyes of doctor T.J Eckleburg. When Gatsby and Nick were on their way to the city they pass the valley of ashes where they see the worn out billboard of doctor Eckleburgs eyes. This billboard illustrates that no one can hide from his or her actions. Gatsby and Daisy can’t hide their love representing Gatsby’s hope and perseverance. Gatsby’s dream ”is like a knights quest, showing once again the dreams spiritual nature. Also in this chapter, we see Gatsby, after the car accident, looking over Daisy from her yard, trying to protect her”(Millet 2). In this chapter Daisy killed Myrtle in Gatsby’s car, Gatsby is not worried for himself because there are various suspects who spotted out his car but Daisy, because she was driving. Gatsby wishes to be on Daisy’s side until death but unfortunately this does not work out. The eyes of doctor Eckleburg represents that no matter what someone does there will always be someone watching, obviously no one watched Daisy drive the car. Motifs are used in The Great Gatsby and normally connect to the American
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