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In the Graphic Design lifestyle, Saul Bass is always a man that will be brought up in any spectrum of the word design. What Saul had to offer as a graphic designer and filmmaker made the changes necessary for the forward movement of logos, movie posters, and sequences in films. He was most known for opening title sequences that brought a theme or mood to a film. That lead him to work with some of the most talented names of that era. He was a movement in himself with what he had to offer as a designer and is still in the modern age making a difference. There are way to many logos to name that Saul Bass has designed. Bass could make a brand just in the logos he had to offer to the world. Many of the logos have been changed, but only in the slightest bit as in a name or color. Just a few of the more recognizable ones would be Girl Scouts, AT&T, and Quaker. The logos averaged out to last 34 years, which in our field is revolutionary. Bringing such a diverse thought process to logos and branding makes Bass one of the most provocative designers to ever put his mind to creating. Always, making new generations to question and rethink design.…show more content…
When Bass was first designing posters for films no one would accept them thinking they were unconventional and different from the norm. After Bass picked up designing posters He was picked up by the famous Alfred Hitchcock, which gave him the path to design some of the most iconic and historically significant designs for films. Some of the more well known movies were Vertigo (1958), Anatomy of a Murder (1959), and The Man with the Golden Arm (1955). A legend in design and is still present in movie posters all over the

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