Pompei Similar To The Modern World

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Similarities of Pompeii and the Modern World Pompeii is a city that has more similarities with modern day cities than people would think. Just by looking over how life was back then it might seem that there is not much in common, since back then many customs were different. But if certain aspects are analyzed more carefully then it can be seen that things were not that different back then in comparison to today. It is interesting to see that even though a lot of time has passed, there are still certain ways of doing things that have not changed today. The infrastructure of the city and how water was manipulated is something that can be compared to modern day cities. The usage of graffiti back then can be compared to how in the current society people use social media or how stores use billboard ads to sell products. The way the people of Pompeii found pleasure in different things, like food, games, and sports. That is why many aspects of Pompeii show how life back then was similar to today.…show more content…
But many things seem to be very similar. By simply looking at how things were back then and how they are now it would seem that everything has drastically changed. The way people think, the things they do, the customs, what society sees as right and wrong. But there are many aspects that have not changed. The way the people of Pompeii managed to use water is incredible, the streams of water, the local fountains for people to go use this water. The way the streets were washed by the water and the waste was sent away through drains. All of this is very similar to today, people use similar systems to carry water from place to place and also to carry the waste away from the city for its disposal. This is one of the main examples of how the life in Pompeii was similar, maybe more rustic than now but they had many things that are still used in the present

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