Persuasive Essay: Should I Join The Military

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Should I join the military seems like a pretty broad topic and to some it is however when you actually think about it it’s far more narrow than you thought. The 1st step to answering ¨should I join the military?¨ is asking ¨What career path am I looking at in the military?¨: Do I want to be enlisted or an officer? Do I want to be a part of intelligence, healthcare, or something else? Do I want to retire from the military? Which branch of the military would I join? The 2nd step is asking yourself ¨What is your reason to join?¨: Do you want to join because of the benefits you will receive upon retiring from the military? Perhaps your why is because they will help pay for college tuition. Maybe your why is simply because you want to serve your country.The 3rd step is asking ¨What would happen if I join the military?¨: What are the benefits I would receive? What kind of person would I become? The last step to answering ¨Should I join the military?¨ is asking yourself ¨What if I didn’t join the military?¨ What is meant by that question?…show more content…
The unfortunate part about going to college is, of course, the cost. The average cost of college currently is between $9,200, in state, and $22,000, out of state, for tuition (¨What’s the price tag…¨) which when you calculate it out means that you are looking at paying anywhere from $37,000 to $88,000 for a 4 year undergraduate degree. Now because I want to become a neurosurgeon I would also have the cost of medical school which to go to a good medical school will cost around $50,000 to $60,000 for tuition which means spending close to $200,000+ which most people can’t do without taking out student

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