Personal Narrative: Living In Cleveland Ohio

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Living in Cleveland Ohio, wasn’t going well for me an my family. My father was a blacksmith and it was hard to believe there were any still around. He died when I was young and I have been taking care of my mom, four brothers, two sisters, and our dog bubbles. I had a job, but it didn’t go so well. My boss Mark Bushelworth fired me after a customer complained about an undercooked steak. And he yelled at me for about an hour, and then tolled me to leave and never come back.
 On my way back home I got stopped my a man and a girl. the asked me if I could help them with something. I agree to help them so they take me to a big lot with little gardens everywhere. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I saw corn, lettuce, egg plants, and beens. Curtis took me over to some tomatoes and told me to pick a few and put them in a bag right beside him. After I was done helping him Anna asked me if I could help her with her beens and she takes me to some beens and tells me to water them for a few seconds. After i’m done with that more and more people start asking for help and it was long and hard.…show more content…
“WAIT!” they all yelled. I turned to see them bringing me something from each of their gardens. “Thank you all for this,” I said smiling. “I had a lot of fun doing this.” I was walking home and see my mom everybody knew her name by now its Nicole. “Where did all this come from?” she asked. “From the people in the lot down the street.” I answered. she look over at the lot and saw all the different things growing. “Wow thats a lot of gardens.” she

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