Personal Narrative-Finding Lola

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Finding Lola My parents went out last night looking for office chairs, but then they returned home saying that they found the perfect puppy for our family. So many thought were going through my head. Is this puppy finally going to be the one? It has been such a long six year without a loving dog, that would run at you the second you emerged through the door. Also it is the dead of winter it is too cold for a little puppy. I thought we were waiting till the spring to get a puppy, but believe me I was not about to start argueing. Furthermore my family and I clambered into our Toyota van to got to the pet store. Hopefully we would get to meet the sweet adorable puppy that my parents were describing to my sister and I. Then if we were lucky we…show more content…
You could feel the excitement in the air, smiles were stretched across all of our faces. I couldn’t believe we were finally here, the drive was only about 25 minutes but it felt like hours had passed. The anticipation started building as we struggled to find a parking space. My father then finally eased the van into a parking place after it seemed like we had gone in circles for ten minutes. As we threw open the doors the crisp cold winter air hit us like an ocean wave. My family and I scrambled towards the pet store door to get out of the cold winter weather. Shuffling in through the door we were met with the smell of pet food a cheery…show more content…
She looked so small and delicate standing there. What she did next melted my heart, she looked directly at me and cautiously walked over to where I was sitting on the ground with my legs neatly crossed. She then climbed into my lap and drifted off to sleep. Her small body was so warm. She was a stuffed animal so soft and cute. Right there at that moment in time I fell in love with the little puppy. I tore my gaze away from the sleeping puppy, to look up at my family members. When I looked up I was surprised to see that they were all staring wide eyed at me. This was because ever since our old dog passed away six years ago I have been scared of dogs and have never let one near me. “She is the one.” I

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