Personal Narrative Essay: Kern's Home

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My family and I were invited to our friend’s house for a get together. Our main group of camping friends was also there to hang out. It is mid to late afternoon and we are in an enclosed porch of the Kern’s house. There are picnic tables in it and different toys and activities that the Kern’s have stored there. The porch has three doors that we can go through, one is to go to the back yard, another is to go to the front, and the third one is to go into their house. The floor is a thick layer of cement, and there is a large pole in the middle to support the roof. The walls of the porch are made of metal and plastic, and you can see through them to the outside. There are cement steps that lead into the house. Everyone is talking and us kids are playing with each other.…show more content…
We ran around the back yard and went into their play room that is above a garage in their backyard. I asked Pamela, “Do you think they have the food ready yet? I’m getting kind of hungry.” “I don’t know, but we can go look,” replied Pam. “Alright,” I agreed. When we got back to the porch and saw that the food was ready. My bladder was full, so I went to go to the bathroom. I went to the door that would bring me into their house. I started to open the door and realized my leg was in the way. I moved my right leg backward a bit and to the right. That’s when I suddenly realized I was stuck! I screamed from falling between the stairs and the wall. My leg was stuck, what was I going to do? “Dad,” I yelled out. Tears started to run down my face because I couldn’t pull it out myself. The other kids looked at me, they knew they couldn’t help in any other way. My father, Leon Kern, and Steven Howell came over and looked what was wrong. “How did this happen?” my father asked. I replied, “I was just trying to go into the

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