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On the event that I went it influenced me to understand and love my heritage where I came from as a Hispanic American. It provide the hard life of a Chicano, who try everything to entertain their passion on lowriders to people. The documentary movie, "Everything comes from the Streets". Directed and co-produced by University of San Diego Ethnic Department Chair Alberto Pulido. On the document they discourse about the history of Chicanos heritage and Culture of a lowrider. It was presented that the origins commonly tracked back in Los Angeles. The lowrider is part of all everything came to be decorating and be part of a symbol for them. In San Diego, it was fill of all kind of model car that the Latinos made. Some came from scratch old cars cost 20 dollar to buy…show more content…
But it wasn’t easy to get all the parts for their car, some needed to go buy it from the Palley supply store for airplanes or in Tijuana, Mexico. They put all their effort to design their cars, and many American people judge them for being part of a gang or just Mexican. It was difficult for them to drive it around San Diego many police stop them a lot for discrimination against them. Some of the Chicanos group crated a club that would help provide new opportunity to prove everybody of San Diego as a club of Car design and Fashion. The amigos, oldies, Klique and others clubs used to be enemies but later became a huge counseling where clubs work together. Even though little by little crimes and violence between gangs and lowrider was reduced a bit when they united as a larger club. But the city council prohibited drifting of any cars in the Street. It rage all the lowriders clubs that they couldn’t entertain everyone in the street their cool cars and how the jump around. Later, get rid of the law of drifting cars in the streets of San Diego. Now, what about women that ride low-riders? Well many of them were differentiated as women that didn’t know anything about

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