John Doe Argumentative Essay

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I first met the accused mentally insane stone cold killer ,John Doe, after he was done recovering in the hospital from his ordeal. Ladies and gentlemen, I got the real story from the eyes of the killer himself, John Doe. His defense attorney is trying to convince you all that at the time of the murder, John Doe was legally insane. Yet keep in mind that legal insanity is defined as: at the time of the crime the killer couldn’t tell right from wrong, couldn’t distinguish fantasy from reality and he couldn’t control his behavior. I’m here to prove that he never fit that definition and that he is only trying to convince you so he can get a lesser sentence. I have proof that John Doe was never once legally insanity during the crime. At the interview he told me his story. His story was that he had known an old man. He really liked him, yet he couldn’t stand how his eye looked like that of a vulture. So as a result of being driven crazy, yet not insane, he resolved to kill him. John told his story to a man while he was in the hospital and the man made a book that he called “The Tell-Tale Heart” By Edgar Allan Poe. This story is full of evidence that John Doe was…show more content…
This statement proves that John Doe was fully aware of what he was going to do. He knew that he would be ending the life of an innocent man. If he were mentally insane he would have acted on impulse and also never have put such meticulous preparations into the murder. He wanted to end the old mans life. He knew it was for real or else he wouldn’t have prepared so carefully. He was in control of his actions because he made himself plan that deep. He even knew that it was wrong. He just wanted to get rid of the man with the vulture eye. So jury, I ask you, was he legally insane, or a murder

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