Icelandic Volcano Synthesis Essay

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In essence, volcanoes are one of nature's most powerful assets, besides Earthquakes that can generate brontides. At nature own expense, the lava brought forth from volcanoes can be utilized as a weapon or be a beneficiary mechanism. Many people are ultimately apprehensive of volcanoes because of its deleterious effect, which can produce fatalities. The trepidation is common. But nature itself is very brilliant because the absence of volcanoes can be significantly catastrophic. Volcanoes ultimately serves as vents that releases internalized pressure from the center of the Earth, so the Earth would basically would explode if volcanoes did not exist. So, volcanoes are salubrious to the overall health of the planet, which cannot be negated to some…show more content…
This incessant production, became known as the biggest Icelandic eruption. The inundated generation of lava was so massive that it was equivalent to the size of Manhattan. This is something that baffle scientists. Scientists have purported anything like this for more than 200 years to be exact. This volcano was so paramount to other volcanoes in Europe, because it generates 3x times as much toxic substances than all constructed output gases generated by humans. But being appalled does not ceases because scientists predicts and admonishes that a bigger eruption is yet to come. Scientists from universities of Edinburgh and Leeds have excogitated a way to track the future volume and distance of toxic gas flow. Scientists were also able to detect sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere. The was also able to record the levels of sulfur dioxide from snow. Schools proceeded by closing. Sulfur dioxide can engender climate change and can insidiously effect crops and livestock, and can progress the symptoms of

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