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The Good Earth Essay The remark that The New York Times says about Pearl S. Buck's The Good Earth holds quite a bit of truth in today's world. There comment implies mainly one thing. All tragedies and grievances of life can be experienced in any time or place. In one way or another whether the middle ages or ancient egypt. The Good Earth explains these points through the story of a poor farmer named Wang Lung who loves land like a mother likes her baby. “There is a way when the rich are too rich.”(pg.127) This quote from the book is basically paraphrasing “money is the root of all evil” The Good Earth makes a fine example out of the quote by including lords. These men were born rich and are lazy, corrupt, greedy, and lustful. The quote…show more content…
It shows that that the city when established was dirt poor…...literally. It then grew into something greater but, the people who were poor stayed. Poor people always existed in the city. For example like in our society, poverty is something that still is a problem. Poor people roam the streets like hungry dogs. “If you sell the land, it is the end”(pg.385) This is carried out by Wang Lung after hearing his son's discuss selling the land. This is true because land was the single, only, and prime reason that wang lung rose to where he was. wang Lung sees the importance of his land but, his sons who endured less hardships than him don’t understand. This leads them to sell the land, because they handled more money then wang lung did. In today's world, land is what lets us survive. We get food and resources from it. Wang lung knows that and selling land to him is like selling your house for a weed whacker. To summarize this all up, The New York Times comment on The Good Earth has about as much truth as the titanic has water. Poverty is a thing that somehow still exists. Rich people are still corrupt(only some). Land is something we will always be dependent on, no matter what age or time. The tragedies of life are still ever present in earth's history, in one way or

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