Gillian Dunne's Disappearance In Gone Girl By Gillian Flynn

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“Gone Girl”, written by Gillian Flynn, takes us on a journey of Amy Dunne’s disappearance with her husband, Nick Dunne, as the prime suspect. The book was copyrighted on 2012 and has a total of 422 pages. “Gone Girl” tells the story of Amy and Nick’s difficult marriage due to problems such as money, affairs, and unemployment. The story begins by celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary with a bright and happy tone. Later during the day, we realize Amy has gone missing and the suspected killer is Nick because he has no alibi nor witnesses to testify that he had went to the beach. He is also suspected because he used her money to start a business, increased her life insurance, and has a woodshed full of expensive items that he has denied purchasing.…show more content…
The vase which would have dropped from the table had instead been flipped upside down which would be nearly impossible unless the house was decorated to look like a struggle. The floor had also been poorly mopped of B type blood which was also the blood type of Amy. Afterwards, Nick went on the news to describe his heartbroken sadness of her disappearance but instead read off a script with no emotion and had also smiled inappropriately at the end of the speech. Nick had also denied purchasing many expensive items using Amy’s money which was later found in a nearby woodshed. He had also used her money to open up his business, The Bar. I would believe the evidence is credible because they all point to Nick killing Amy because of her money. He had also increased her life insurance to further emphasize his motivation for money. The house was made to look like a struggle which would pinpoint Nick as the prime suspect because it shows that there was no real struggle. Amy would not have struggled because she might have known the person so it points to Nick as the killer because he had a bad alibi with no evidence supporting…show more content…
He constantly lies to the police and withholds certain important information of himself to the readers. The first half of the book, I had believed everything he had said but then suddenly Andie appeared and she was never mentioned until the second half of the book. The main reason Amy tried to frame him was because of Andie but he had never thought of disclosing that to the readers so I see him as very unreliable. He also has daddy issues,"Men don't cry", is constantly voiced by the dad and he has taken that into his own code of law which was why he did not show emotions when talking about his missing wife. The character is hardly any different in comparison to the beginning of the novel. The only difference would be his knowledge of his wife’s sociopathic tendencies and how he reacts to them knowing they are going to have a child

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