Essay On Nationalism And Primordialism

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Globalization And Exacerbation Of Ethnic Nationalism: Primordialism vs. Constructivism Fatma Kübra Aytaç “I’m a pessimist because of intelligence, but an optimist because of will.” Gramsci (Letter from Prison, 19 December 1929) Until very recently it has been agreed upon that the nation-state is the leading political organization unit for most of the geographical parts of the world. While there are still some political and philosophical approaches supporting this idea, today its future is regarded as ‘funny peculiar’. One of the major trends pushing scholars to think pessimistically about the future of nation-state is globalisation and devolution taking place in a quite rapid way in today’s world. Globalisation has affected national boundaries with regard to both economic and political aspects. First of all, circulation of huge amount of money and goods across boundaries and transnational corporations subcontracting factories in variety of countries are such examples of it. The question is whether this transnationalism in economy with growing rates of international investments is predicting the need for transnational government or not. It can be argued that we witness certain kind of transnationalism in political level such that most of the international organisations established with the intention of economic collaboration…show more content…
According to primordialist ethnic differences are regarded as ‘natural’ division between number of groups, constituted by shared culture, common language and collective memory. This definition is disputing modern origins of nations concluding that nations are not new; they have existed before time and will be existing after

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