Dress To Oppress Thesis

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"Dress To Oppress" Dress codes have continued to remain a hot topic throughout the United States. M. Alex Johnson tells us the struggle of what students go through regarding dress codes in "Students, parents bare claws over dress codes”. Throughout the article we are told multiple different ways of how students have been shunned for certain apparel. One example of the extremes schools have gone to is in Fresno, California, when administrators at Dos Palos High School deemed Jake Shelly a "Dress Code Violator" for wearing a t-shirt representing the American flag. Dos Santos did realize they made the incorrect decision and apologized to Shelly, along with an explanation from superintendent Brian Walker saying "it was a learning experience for everyone involved" (Johnson, “2008”). The author proves his point very well on how extreme dress codes are by stating many ways of how dress codes have become somewhat ridiculous in schools today. His use of relevant examples strengthen the article and help provide readers with imperative knowledge to fully understand where he is coming from on the topic. Without the specific examples the article would be lacking main points, and would not be effective at all.…show more content…
The "wrong clothes" were t-shirts honoring a classmate who was murdered. On top of all that, the money made off the shirts was being donated back to the family to buy him a headstone for his grave (Johnson, “2008”). This example starts the article and sets the tone for the remainder of it. It's a very compelling example that can easily turn the reader in the direction Johnson hopes for. By using this example he brings the reader in unknowingly to agree with him throughout the rest of the article; a brilliant ploy that works to

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