Difference Between Me And Alesha Essay

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Another example of the difference between me and Alesha would be how we interact with people. I find myself to be an introvert. This leads to quite a deficiency in my communication skills. I am not much sociable person, however it was how the conversation went that exemplified these points. In contrast with me, Alesha is a very outgoing person from what I can tell, and she certainly likes to talk. I on the other hand keep to myself, and don’t really do much small talk. This was very nice for me in this situation as I needed information. From what I can also infer, with Alesha being an apparent leader in some form with the LGBT group at Weber State, is that she likes and is good at working with groups. Though I can work with groups it is my personal preference to work by myself when I can. These things comprise a stark contrast between mine and Alesha’s personality.…show more content…
As I had no idea what this was before talking with Alesha, she explained to me that gender fluid means the person can feel aligned with one gender or the other or none at all. The alignment can also change from a day to day to even hour to hour basis. This actually was a very new thing to me and it took some explanation form Alesha for me to get a better understanding. Though I didn’t know about it before, I think that this is a pretty strong antithesis to me and my character. While I am male and I don’t have that feeling changing on me, in contrast to Alesha this does not cause the stress or emotional turmoil that she experiences. I feel that I did grasp the concept, but I also know that I probably will never truly understand it. I do find that it’s better for me to know what I do now to help in my communication with others who have similar feelings to

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