Dating Vs Hook Up Research Paper

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Most people either experience a hook up or get in a relationship at some point in their life. Some people may actually prefer one over the other, but all depends on what you personally like. On day, dating might be considered an old fashion quirk and that same day hooking up will be the “norm”. (McWhorter, 2015, pp. 414-416) Hooking up and being in a relationship are two very different things, they may have some similarities like physical actions, some communication skills, but most qualities of both are different. Hooking up is described as “one night stands” vs. relationships are more time consuming and more of one’s effort. Hooking up as everyone knows when guys do it, it’s a win for them, but when girls do it ruins their reputation. “Hooking up is a term used to describe casual sexuality activity with no strings attached between humans and or “an encounter between strangers or passing acquaintances with no expectations of commitment”. (Beyerstein, "That Dating vs. Hooking Up Study | Big Think") When did people start hooking up? Although the term became common in the 1990’s, its…show more content…
If you’re looking for someone’s time and commitment to last a time with them and feel loved and cared about, a relationship is more for you and you have to be willing to put effort on both parts for it to work out. Hooking Up fits people that look for more of a onetime thing, as they same “one night stands”. This doesn’t require neither time nor commitment and can happy whenever. Some people tend to hookup with people they just met, like going out to a bar and having a few drinks you meet someone that’s similar to you. Men at a younger age tend to only look for hooking up because they want to settle down, they want to explore but as they get older they normally look for the one girl. Women tend to always look for the one and only guy, rarely explore men for hooking

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