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Question 3 Outline the responsibilities of Ofsted Ofsted’s responsibility is for registering and inspecting childcare provisions. Within Ofsted the Early Years providers are responsible for carrying out any work in a way that is clear and consistent for both parents and providers. A childcare inspector would inspect: the suitability of premises, the suitability of the people who will be with the children, the welfare and development of children. Ofsted will investigate complaints or other information which give it reason to believe a childcare provider is not meeting the Early Years Foundation Stage. It will take appropriate action where necessary. Ofsted’s responsibility is to improve standards of achievement and quality of education through regular independent inspections, Ofsted assesses all organisations to see if they are suitable to provide…show more content…
This is done in a number of ways, including health checks, criminal records checks and suitable person interviews on individuals. These assessments are carried out on all people aged 16 and over who look after children, and who are connected with the registration, or who live or work on the premises where children are to be cared for. They also look at equipment and check that the buildings are of a satisfactory standard to work in. Ofsted will inspect day-care providers and child-minders at least once every two years to make sure that they continue to meet the national standards that they need to be working towards, and then they report on these inspections to the individuals. They need to be informed of any changes of staff or to the buildings so that they can carry out any further checks as necessary. Ofsted will investigate complaints made about a provider and take any necessary action,

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