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Future Episodes Couch Gag Future Episodes Couch Gag Couch Gag Information Duration 1 minute, 50 seconds The Future Episodes Couch Gag is a couch gag that was featured in the episode Clown in the Dumps. It is a couch gag where Homer has a remote that takes the series, thousands of years into the future, and he enters a distant episode in the future. Homer sits on the couch and watches TV. He uses the remote which appears to be some sort of strange invention. The remote caused the Simpson series to travel far back in time, to the date when their show first aired, this starts to mangle and mix up Homer's body and transform him back to the art style he was used back in the Tracy Ullman SHow shorts. Homer gets freaked out and starts hitting the remote,…show more content…
The animation style has changed entirely to the point where they are all aliens. Homer is depicted as his head with no other appendages but some octopus tentacles and he floats around in the air and constantly emits a monotone D'oh sound. He calls the family to come and meet him in the kitchen cube. He goes to the kitchen cube and then Bart and Lisa appear there. Bart is a pile of mush on the ground with four tiny arms and a protruding head, resembling his own. He constantly twitches and flails about, and only says the phrase "Don't, don't have cow, man!" in a robotic voice and often screams it. Lisa no longer has arms and her face is reduced to an eye in the center of her face and a tall, protruding tube on her head with a mouth that constantly emits the phrase "I am Simpson!" in a rambling voice. The screen then cuts to Marge, who is is now only her hair with a face and mouth and stick arms and legs and in a deep, dark voice, she says "All hail the dark lord of the twin moons!" The screen cuts back to Bart and Lisa, where Maggie descends to the table. Maggie is now a mutilated tiny ball of mush with seven little lines for appendages. She has two misplaced eyes,

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