Comparison Of William Shakespeare's Presentation Of Teenagers In Romeo And Juliet

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The lights shine all around, people dance all around, and suddenly across the room, two peoples eyes meet and an instantaneous connection is made. This is the way it went with Romeo and Juliet. One second, and they were in love, so they say. Shakespeare here is trying to portray teenage love, and he does a good job. According to what society portrays as love, he plays it out well. Since I have never been in love and therefore don't know how it would be, I would say Shakespeare accurately portrays teenagers who have a crush on one another. One reason Romeo and Juliet accurately shows teenagers who like each other is because Romeo sees Juliet and instantly is focusing solely on her. The key word here is sees; as soon as he lays eyes…show more content…
He doesn't know if she's smart, or how kind she is or if she is respectful, he just liked what he saw. People may like what they see, but beauty fades, a good heart is what matters the most, because that does not disappear with age like looks do. Therefore, it is delivery possible that it is only a crush. Another reason this act depicts teenagers with a crush is in the fact that as soon as Romeo saw Juliet, he forgot all about Rosalind. When he saw her he said, "Did my heart love til now? ... For I ne'er saw true beauty til this night." (Lines 51-52) Only lines ago he was going on about Rosalind. Young people can go through crushes fairly quickly. Feelings change all the time and often it is difficult to make sense of them or understand what they mean exactly. Romeo is a teenage boy, and as such has a small attention span, meaning he could change his mind as soon as another more beautiful than Juliet came along. Since it was an instantaneous reaction, this romance could be no more than a short fling that vanishes as quickly as it started. Finally, this portrays a crush quite well in the fact that once he sees Juliet, Romeo continues to go on and on about her. When

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