Comparing Robert And Elizabeth Barrett Browning's Sonnets From The Portuguese

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Question: In what ways, do the sides of “Sonnets from the Portuguese” portray the development of the relationship between Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning? To truly understand Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s relationship with her beloved husband, Robert, one must fully understand her past as it directly affects her developing relationship and ultimately her marriage. Elizabeth is a woman whose despite her circumstances has prevailed and made a name for herself. As a child, she was one who devoured books as it was a sole necessity to remain alive. Though she was born into fortune, there came a time where her father’s business eventually failed and that indeed took a toll on her family. During the family's financial trouble, her mother suddenly died and Elizabeth, undoubtedly entered a profound…show more content…
She writes, “Unlike are we, unlike, O princely Heart! / Unlike our uses and our destinies.”(1-2) This sonnet specifically begins her rant on how she feels less than him and not worthy of his love. She finds it very unlikely that one of royalty could ever have genuine interest with a person like her who leads a much simpler life. Sonnet VI seems to portray a much more insecure woman whom lacks confidence in herself as a spouse. She begins this sonnet writing, “Go from me”(1) and goes on to list reasons why he should not confide in her, better yet, convince him that he needs someone of his own worth. In the midst of this, she unconsciously gives him every reason to stay. She then writes, “And what I dream include thee, as the wine / Must taste of its own grapes.”(11-12) Aware of the correlation that wine and grapes share, it is evident that as close as they are, it should be difficult to abandon one another as they are equally necessary for the others being. Without grapes, there would be no wine and in this case without Robert there would be no Elizabeth as they help mold one

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